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CD: Change and the New World Order

Morphing the Shadow into Tenderness In this audio Stuart Wilde lays out his case for the nature of darkness and the New World Order that currently filters through the world. He talks of the institutions and the corrupting power that will inevitably unravel and how each of us can adapt by turning the darkness around to tenderness. What will emerge is Gaia?s new creation – the coming real world order of Love ?So the triumph of love is the new world that we silently build in the near term; and it will exist in the long run after the era of?the elite of old men has come and gone?. Stuart Wilde Tracks 1 to 3: Discussion (45mins) 1. Control and the dark collective unconscious; the grand illusions (14.28) 2. The five Reichs; Gaia and the collapse of the system (19.35) 3. The waning of consumerism; the coming tenderness and turning the darkness around. (1.51) Note: This recording consists of audio from the Redeemers Club workshop. If you have participated in this workshop then you are likely to have the tracks.

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Title: CD: Change and the New World Order
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: Stuart Wilde

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