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Eerie Encounters in Everyday Life

Join storyteller Thomas Freese as he travels across the United States collecting true tales from folks experiencing the world of the strange up close and personal. Gathered through personal interviews, amazing stories of angels, ghosts, and aliens reveal that so-called normal life is but a thin veneer of mundane activity. Outside bedroom doors or in quaint backyards, creatures from other dimensions call, enticing us to wander away to the woods or communicate across the stretches of space and time. These tales are not culled from old, dusty archives – oh no! Here you will find 108 incredibly creepy stories involving some very strange beings and places: shape shifting creatures, Sasquatch, haunted castles, a return from the dead, fairies, a samurai ghost, photographs of spirits, a chat with a dead dad, revenge from the grave, an African American angel, alien implants, abductions, and more!

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Title: Eerie Encounters in Everyday Life
Publisher: Schiffer Publishing1
Author: Freese Thomas
ISBN: 9780764345043

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