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CD: Goodbye Earth Hello Cosmos Cd

A Musical Journey into Space and Beyond by James and Michael Wild Goodbye Earth, Hello Cosmos is an album of cosmic fascination and discovery – a kaleidoscope of creative musical spirit. Michael Wild?s ambient, ethereal compositions mixed with cruising percussion from brother James, gives these tracks a chillout feel that is fresh, unworldly, rich and resplendent. Simply hop in your spaceship, put on the music and take off. You will be rewarded with an inspirational journey from planet earth out into the mysteries of the universe. Terrific for traveling or just lounging in any cosmic space 7 Tracks: (67mins) 1: Saying Goodbye to Earth (5:28) 2: Everybody Here Says Godspeed (1:47) 3: Solar Flypass (8:34) 4: Starport (14:41) 5: Entering the Nebula (1:36) 6. Galaxy Quest (7:46) 7. Event Horizon (9:2) ————————————————————————————————— Note from James Wild:I just can’t express in words how much fun I had in putting this album together – I am delighted and overjoyed with the result. There’s a lot going on here – lots of pads and strings, filtered sweeps, choir, space sounds and of course percussion that fit the space theme very well indeed. When Michael and I set out to create this musical journey I wasn’t expecting it to be such a big project but I am glad for the effort. Definitely well worth it – sure to become a classic. See below for the story. Highly recommended.

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Title: CD: Goodbye Earth Hello Cosmos Cd
Publisher: Quiet Earth
Author: James Wild

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