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Inspiration for the Heart

Often our lives are so busy that we forget to reflect on the important issues that underpin our relationships, careers and family life. But reflection is essential. After all, it was Socrates who said that the unexamined life was not worth living. By reading and enjoying this wise little book, you will stop for a moment and consider what really matters to you. From what it takes to be a good role model, to enjoying the present moment, to using your imagination to its greatest potential, a wide range of subjects is covered, with each page providing incredible insight and a catalyst for your own reflection. On giving: The best way to receive is to give. There is a natural balance to everything in life. Its important to keep this in mind if we hope to get things from other people. If we constantly ask for things and we dont give anything in return, the chances of us continuing to get things are reduced. We dont always have to reciprocate at the same level we receive, nor with the same things, but we do need to give something back. Given the natural balance, if a person feels that they are always giving but receiving nothing in return, they will attempt to rectify the balance. If you apply the wisdom in this book to your life, you are sure to see many benefits, but the currencies in play may be patience, empathy and love rather than those of the material kind.

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Title: Inspiration for the Heart
Publisher: Exisle Publishing
Author: Kate Marr Kippenberger
ISBN: 9781921966903

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