Living In Gratitude (Angeles Arrien) PB

What would happen if you made gratitude your focal point for one full year? With Living in Gratitude, Angeles Arrien invites us to cultivate the power of
deep appreciation so that it becomes our foundation for daily living. Integrating the latest findings from social science with stories, prayers, teachings, and practices from cultures and traditions spanning the globe, she presents a 12-month plan for mastering the art of giving thanks every day.

With a chapter devoted to each month, readers will steep themselves in “the mother of all virtues,” exploring:
• How to overcome habitual tendencies toward envy, comparison, and narcissism
• Acknowledging our “blessings, learnings, mercies, and protections”—the four portals to the grateful heart
• How gratitude boosts the immune system, fosters creativity, mends relationships, and even improves financial well-being
• Journaling exercises, perennial and indigenous wisdoms, and universal practices for every season and situation

“The practice of offering gratitude bestows many benefits,” writes Angeles Arrien. “Anger, arrogance, and jealousy melt
in its embrace. Fear and defensiveness dissolve. Gratitude diminishes barriers to love and evokes happiness, keeping alive what has meaning for us.” Here is an opportunity for each of us to experience the infinite new possibilities that open up through Living in Gratitude.


Title: Living In Gratitude (Angeles Arrien) PB
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Arrien Angeles
ISBN: 9781604079845

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