Two Strange Tales

No event in our world is real, my friend. Everything that occurs in this universe is illusory… And in a world of appearances, in which no thing and no event has any permanence, any reality of its own whoever is master of certain forces can do anything he wishes..’

So speaks a character in Two Strange Tales, a pair of novellas in which Westerners are caught up in the uncanny realm of Eastern religion and magic. InNights at Serampore three European scholars, traveling deep into the forests of Bengal, are inexplicably cast into another time and space where they witness the violent murder of a young Hindu wife. InThe Secret of Dr. Honingberger a respectable Rumanian physician vanishes without a trace after experimenting with yogic techniques in his quest for the legendary invisible world called Shambhala.

InTwo Strange Tales, author Mircea Eliade combined yogic folklore with the literary genre of the supernatural suspense tale so as to reveal dimensions of experience that are inaccessible to other intellectual approaches. These well-crafted stories will appeal to both lovers of the supernatural and those fascinated by mysticism of the East.


Title: Two Strange Tales
Publisher: Shambhala
Author: Eliade Mircea
ISBN: 9781570626630

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