Walking with Grandfather

When we began our search for consultants for Into the West, we were looking for individuals with a deep knowledge of the culture and history of the Lakota people. In Joe Marshall, we found that person, but the happy surprise was that we also found a poet, a storyteller, and an educator who led us through challenging terrain with great patience and wisdom. ?Michael Wright, executive in charge of production, Into The West Native American lineage holders have long been cautious about sharing their spiritual truths because the essence of this wisdom has been so often misunderstood. In Walking with Grandfather, authentic Lakota lineage holder and award-winning storyteller Joseph M. Marshall breaks this silence with the very best from a lifetime of lessons passed on to him by his grandfather. With him, you will gain access to the timeless teachings that until now remained largely unheard outside the culture of the Lakota people. Part of an unbroken series of narratives dating back countless centuries, this rare new transmission includes Marshall’s rendition of legendary stories such as: ?Follow Me?why it is not authority but character, compassion, and experience that make a good leader ?The Way of Wolves?surprising lessons about the meaning of family ?The Bow and the Arrow?the intricate dynamics of spiritual partnership ?The Shadow Man?how to honor the sacred warrior in all of us ?The Wisdom Within?the passage of truly becoming an elder ?Plus many more stories


Title: Walking with Grandfather
Publisher: Sounds True
Author: Joseph Marshall Iii
ISBN: BK01046D

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