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With Love from Joy: Channelled Words of Wisdom

I am Moya Love, an Australian Author living in Joondanna W.A.
While journaling in my garden I was approached by a spirit being who asked if I would scribe for a forum of wise elders, named Joy, who wished me to write their messages. I agreed.
This delightful book, With Love from Joy, Channelled Words of Wisdom, is the first of a trilogy. The best way to describe the beauty and sincerity of the messages it contains is to share with you some of the reviews that it has received.
‘The wise elders named Joy, offer us messages to remind us that we are not alone and to ask for help. The spirit world loves us so much and I hope many readers will be inspired to just let the answers come to them as they always will.’
‘Congratulations Moya Love for having the courage to write this little book of wisdom acknowledging that your inspiration has come from a higher source.’
‘I was lucky enough to have this book recommended by a friend and to be honest did not expect it to be as amazing as it was!’
‘This book is a must have and I am humbled by each days precious content. A tiny pleasure in this world you can have forever. Thank you.’
‘Reading this book is like no other reading experience, the reader is given the sensation of opening the doors to the universe. Each page presents a step on a path to greater wisdom and the book reveals one of the most important secrets of all time: we are not alone.’
‘Thank you Moya for bringing us the gentle and loving messages contained in this book With Love from Joy.’

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Title: With Love from Joy: Channelled Words of Wisdom
Publisher: Moya Love
Author: Love Moya
ISBN: 9780646575483

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